MCMS Membership

MCMS has over 300 active, probationary, and courtesy members. In addition, there are nearly 70 retired physician members. Together, this is approximately 70% of the Manatee County Physicians. Membership in the Manatee County Medical Society can provide you with a wealth of resources and benefits. Several benefits you gain can immediately help defray the cost of joining.

Membership to the Society is $395.00 per year. This covers your cost to membership meetings, cme attendance, newsletter, etc.

For membership application contract: Click Here

ACTIVE: Active members are physicians licensed to practice medicine in the State of Florida. The physician must hold the degree of Doctor of Medicine from a medical school accredited by the AMA or from a medical school not accredited by the AMA provided that he or she has met the legal requirements for licensure in the State of Florida Every legally licensed doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy who has satisfactorily completed an AMA/AOA approved internship and or residency program are eligible to apply for membership as provided in the By-Laws. The physician must have an active practice in Manatee County or in adjacent counties.

PROBATIONARY: Each application for membership shall be reviewed by the Board. If acceptable, the applicant shall be accepted as a probationary member for one (1) year. Probationary members may participate in scientific programs and discussions but they may not vote or hold office. They may be appointed to special committees for which they are especially qualified.

COURTESY: Courtesy members shall be physicians, on staff at a local hospital, who are active members of an adjacent county medical society and the Florida Medical Association and who have satellite offices in Manatee County. They are privileged to attend meetings, to participate in programs and serve on committees but they may not vote or hold office and they are not be considered in the FMA determination of delegates.