Congress passes fee fix, avoids a 27% physician pay cut

Providers are safe from the impending 27.4% cut to their Medicare payments set to hit March 1 thanks to Congress passing a temporary ‘doc fix’ through the end of 2012. The vote to keep the current $34.0376 conversion rate
through Dec. 31 comes on the heels of intense debate among Congress members as to whether preventing the pay cut was fiscally sound. The $150 billion bill failed to include deeper cuts request by GOP Congress members but
remained largely budget neutral. Congress originally approved a two-month fix that was set to expire Feb. 29. Once signed into law, the new fee fix will be good through Dec. 31.

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The MD (Millennium Donors) 1000 Club, was created to assist pro-medicine candidates in their quest for elected office. Additional funding to help them in their efforts is required in these close races.

In recent elections, the MD 1000 Club has made a difference in several highly contested House and Senate races in the Florida Legislature. In 2010, five out of five MD 1000 Club supported candidates won their elections including Senator Alan Hays, Senator Jack Latvala, Representative Eric Eisnaugle, Representative Dana Young and Representative Pat Rooney. Additionally, in 2008 the MD 1000 Club played a key role in the election Ron Renuart, D.O. to the Florida House and the election of Eleanor Sobel, a physician’s spouse, to the Florida Senate. Senator Sobel faced a very contentious three-way primary and came out victorious in large part due to the support of the MD 1000 Club.

MD 1000 Club members pledge contributions totaling $1,000 during the course of an election cycle or two years ($1.37 per day). An initial $500 contribution to FMA PAC is required as a condition of membership followed by a $500 contribution to a “targeted” pro-medicine candidate late in the election cycle. This second $500 contribution will be requested during the months of August through October of an election year. The MD 1000 Club members will receive an over-night letter requesting a specific amount for a designated candidate to be returned to the FMA for delivery to the candidate.

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