Group Insurance

If you are a new physican to the Medical Society we have great news! You can now participate in our
Group Health Plan.

Member Benefit

Must be a member of the FMA and Associate Member of the Marion County Medical Society.

In 1981, over 50 local physicians banded together to create a Physicians’ Security and Benefit plan. The primary goals were:

  • Provide affordable health insurance to employees, physicians and their families
  • Upon the death of a physician, provide insurance for the spouse and children of the physician
  • Use each others’ premium dollars to pay claims for those physicians and their family members who had serious medical conditions
  • To provide a premium-rating schedule that did not discriminate against those physicians and their employees who had incurred large medical claims
  • Avoid implementing “gatekeeper” type “managed care” features
  • Promote access to virtually all providers in and out of the state
  • Establish a stable alternative to those carriers who often abandon the insurance marketplace