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Five Traits Cont’dNo manager wants to have a dysfunc onal, unorganized, ine - cient workplace. Such an environment creates tension between employees and reduces the bo om line of the organiza on. Be- ing stuck in solving day-to-day issues also prevents the manager from  nding  exible solu ons to enhance work ow.A manager that has created sta  accountability, posi ve rela-  onships, and a clearly de ned work ow is then able to be crea-  ve in their search for ways to improve employee and pa ent sa sfac on.In the medical o ce environment it is very di cult to hold peo- ple accountable in large part because reports that quan fy produc vity are not used to assist the manager in their sta  eval- ua ons.But those reports do exist. HIE Networks’ Communica on Suite tracks produc vity and creates reports used by our clients to understand the current workload, easily see who is produc ve, and determine how to be er meet the needs of the providers and pa ents.9

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