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Dr. Jennifer Bencie’s Health Department NewsImmunizationsImmuniza ons are one of the greatest public health achievements in the history of medicine and have led to a signi cant decrease in rates of vac- cine-preventable diseases (VPDs). However, in our mobile society, millions of people travel to and from other countries where VPDs remain com- mon. Unprotected travelers are suscep ble to carry diseases to their des na ons or travel home with a disease. An outbreak is just a plane ride away. Without vaccines, epidemics of VPDs could return to Manatee County, resul ng in increased illness, disability and death.Although immuniza ons provide numerous bene ts, such as preven ng morbidity and mortality, extending life-expectancy, decreasing healthcare costs, enhancing equity and promo ng economic growth in a community, individuals and groups s ll ques on their bene t. Vaccine hesitancy has increased in recent years, simultaneously increasing the risk that vaccine-preventable diseases might return to local communi es. The  gure be- low demonstrates the lifecycle of immuniza ons and reveals where vaccine hesitancy begins.Figure 1: Life-Cycle of an Immuniza on ProgramSource: Countering Vaccine Hesitancy, American Academy of PediatricsThe Florida Department of Health in Manatee County has developed an immuniza on coali on known as IMPACT (Immunizing Manatee’s Popu- la on Against Communicable Transmissions). The goals of IMPACT are to promote immunity across the lifespan of Manatee County residents and to provide a consistent message on the importance and bene ts of vaccines. IMPACT will assist Manatee County to meet or exceed the state and na onal immuniza on goals found below:Na onal Immuniza on Goals Maintain e ec ve vaccina on coverage levels (≥95% fully immunized) among children by 2020. 96.4% of kindergartens in Manatee County are fully immunized. Increase rou ne vaccina on coverage levels for adolescents by 2020 (only 85.3% of adolescents received at least one dose of Tdap, and only76.8% of adolescents received 2 doses of varicella vaccine. Targets are 80% and 90%, respec vely)  97.5% of 7th graders in Manatee County are fully immunized. Increase the percentage of adults who are vaccinated against pneumococcal disease by 2020 (The Healthy People 2020 target is 90% of adults over age 65 and 60% of high-risk adults 18-64 years of age). A 2013 survey revealed only 33.9% of adults in Manatee County reported received a pneumococcal vaccine in their life me. Increase the percentage of children and adults who are vaccinated annually against seasonal in uenza by 2020 (The Health People 2020 tar-get is 70%). A 2013 survey revealed only 33.3% of adults in Manatee County reported received an in uenza vaccine within the last year. Florida Immuniza on Goals Increase the percent of 2 year olds who are fully immunized from 86% (2014) to 90% by 2018.  88.7% of 2-year-olds in Manatee County are fully immunized. Increase percent of teens who have completed the  rst HPV shot from 57.2% (2014) to 70% by 2018.  Only 27.5% of Manatee County teens have completed the  rst HPV vaccine shot.Partner collabora on for immuniza on outreach and promo on is essen al to meet the state and na onal goals in Manatee County. IMPACT’s overall vision is to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases through accessible immuniza ons in Manatee County.To  nd out how you can become involved with the IMPACT Coali on please contact Amber Mills at amber.mills@ or (941) 748-0747 ext. 1605.12

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