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Blake Medical Center is Now ProvidingBurn Care Services & Complex Hand RepairKenneth Leong, MD Fred Mullins, MD Michael VanVliet, MD Laura Velcu, MDMichael VanVliet, MDFred Mullins, MDLaura Velcu, MDBlake Medical Center is proud to announce the addition of burn care services. Led by renowned burn surgeon and researcher Dr. Fred Mullins, the program consists of a multidisciplinary team of highly trained specialists with extensive burn experience, including Dr. Kenneth Leong, Dr. Michael Van Vliet and Dr. Laura Velcu.Burn Care ServicesEmergency Burn Services Inpatient Burn Services Reconstructive Surgery Outpatient Burn Clinic Acute & Chronic Wounds Outpatient Wound Clinic Skin & Soft Tissue DisordersComplex Hand RepairAcute Traumatic Hand Injury ReplantationTendon & Vessel RepairHigh Pressure Injection Injury Complex FracturesLearn more about how we can help at 941-567-BURN (2876).

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