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ce_broker_sponFormed in 1906, the Manatee County Medical Society strives to guard and foster the mutual interests of our member physicians and to promote high quality health care for the patients of this community.

A wide array of benefits and information for our members are available through The Manatee County Medical Society. We urge all Manatee county physicians to join, for together we are stronger!

The physicians who are members of the Manatee County Medical Society have undergone close scrutiny by virtue of our credentialing process, which verifies a physician’s medical education background and must be approved by the Board of Governors.

For Manatee County, Call our office at 941-755-3411 and we will provide you with individualized information and a doctor referral that can best suit your needs.

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Join Our Growing List of Partners!

The Manatee County Medical Society “Partners in Business” is dedicated to offering special services or discounts to MCMS members on various products and services designed to accommodate the business needs of physicians.

Companies desiring to be considered for inclusion in the program must be able to relate to the MCMS membership on an individual, group and practice basis.

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There are still sponsorship opportunities available!